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What people say about Nadia's art:

Greeting cards

Such stunning & creative cards for all occasions. very colourful. Great customer service. Will definitely order again.

Rosa, Ashtead

Beautiful wedding cake toppers

Nadia made us the most beautiful wedding cake toppers. They were a huge hit and one of the most photographed things at our wedding! She put so much care and attention into the figures, I would recommend her services enthusiastically. Everything down to the postage and packaging was professional and carefully done. We still have the figures on our mantle and they are our most treasured memento!

Charlotte Brown

Ilustration by a fine young defining artist.

Nadia likes to tell us story’s, likes to present us her lattest animations and not the last to make ilustration. I have some of her ilustration and there are amazing beautiful, it’s kind of a childish joy combined with an elderly wise. As I already said, Nadia one of my preferate and recommend you to try her ilustration and crafts. Good luck Nadia.

Doru R

She’s a bit awesome

I wanted to illustrate a very dear memory. Not the easiest task to have someone look inside your head at a normal / unusual / personal moment and understand what makes it funny and endearing to you. But Nadia can do just that. And she can translate it into a lovely little image for anyone to understand the funny and endearing part.

Also, the master plan is for one day to sell that sketch with her signature on it and become very very very rich.